evidence: security cameras - HD upload, storage and file sharing

Evidence Services


It's the reason you are here...

Evidence provides you the ability to save, share and store your digital cctv evidence. At a moments notice you can share that footage with as many or as few as you like, safe in the knowledge that only those you share with can access your files











Coming soon to Evidence.ie

EvidenceFTP will be the next step that works closely with our Usee designed MP1 and MP2 range of CCTV recorders. In the event of an alert our machines will "push" cctv footage to the evidence cloud servers. when this footage arrives you will receive an email from us inviting you to fill out an incident report. At this stage your newly uploaded file will be added to your evidence Incident list.










Intelligence Sharing, helping your neighbour.

As you learnt on previous pages Evidence can share with potentially unlimited associates. Soon we will be launching Evidence Forum. From within your account you can chose to add some of your CCTV incidents to our intelligence forum. This is akin to a business Neighbourhood Watch and allows businesses in your area to share notes, files and CCTV footage. You can help each other or others in your line of business to come together to combat crime or anti-social behaviour.





Coming in 2014.

iTrieve brings true integration to Usee machines and other Manufacturer's cctv equipment. Simply log into your evidence account, insert the time, date and camera number, and Evidence will go and retrieve that footage bringing it straight here for your piece of mind. This service will be available to more manufacturers as time goes by.