evidence: security cameras - HD upload, storage and file sharing

How to use Evidence



Firstly let us fill you in on how we see Evidence best used.

Right now you probably just want to add a new video file to your account...

Stop right there!




What you really need to do first is set up a new incident file, a file that will tell a story about the video footage you are about to post. A video file can only tell part of the story. By adding information to an incident file you add perspective to the incident, and if you happen to be viewing this file in the distant future you will be glad you did this.

So when you want to add a new video file...

Click the red button on the Evidence dashboard (the first page you come to when you log in with the coloured buttons)


On the new incident page add what information you have, date, time of the incident, people involved, incident name, any other pertinent information. When you click the Add button at the bottom of the page you will be taken to the incident page where you can add files, as many as you like.




If you log in later and find you need to add another video file to an existing incident click the green button.


Click the View incident button concerned and click the "edit" button which will allow you to add footage.




The real function of Evidence is to share your footage with those who need to see it. Go to the dashboard again and click the purple button.


Here you can add user's emails and names. Next time you go to edit an incident you will see their name at the bottom of the page beside a tick-box. You can tick this box if you want them to receive a link to the file. If you want to remove a person you simply un-click this box and click update. When you un-tick, the whole incident ceases to be available to them in their nicident files.