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Evidence overview




Welcome to an overview of Evidence.ie.

Evidence was brought about by the lack in the market place of a simple, easy to use mechanism to distribute cctv video files securely. With the introduction of legislation regards the handling of such files, data protection commissioners are continually looking for ways to limit the risk posed by the movement of sensitive cctv evidence through the use of physical media like cd/dvd/memory sticks.

Traditionally if a crime or potential insurance claim is discovered in a public premises it is left to management to burn off a copy of the footage to protect themselves and their patrons from wrongful claims against them.

If and when an incident becomes the focus of a Police investigation the manager must return to the file he/she has created and burn more copies to furnish same to Law enforcement, Insurance Company, Insurance broker, management etc.

This all takes time and on most CCTV machines it can be a complete nuisance.

With the advent of High Definition CCTV these files are now much larger and require even more time to burn or back up.

This is where Evidence comes in. We can handle these files easily and in a very intuitive fashion that allows staff to easily retrieve and disseminate cctv footage to those who need it.

Evidence also provides a single repository for all your CCTV footage. Most businesses have no joined-up thinking when it comes to potentially important CCTV footage. When an incident happens there is normally a frantic search within a managers office or desktop to find a specific file. Evidence fixes this.

Depending on the equipment you are using Evidence presents your cctv video files in a "per-incident" manner. within each incident file you have a series of thumbnails highlighting different cameras included in the incident. Just click and you can watch instantly.

No more CDs, No more Memory sticks being supplied to third parties.

We at Evidence would argue that CCTV incident files should NEVER be saved onto a physical format, like a cd or memory stick,  until absolutely neccessary. This reduces the risk of footage falling into the wrong hands.  Footage should only be passed on in the digital, controlled domain. This way you control the flow of information much more effectively.

Evidence satisfies the responsibility placed on Data Controllers by the Data Protection Commissioner in your country.