evidence: security cameras - HD upload, storage and file sharing

Why Use Evidence


Evidence will save you money, time and increase productivity.




Save Money.

Depending on what you need to copy from your CCTV recorder, you will generally need to supply dvds, cds or sometimes memory sticks to insurers, management and ocassionally the Police. Each copy costs money and many of our commercial pub/hotel customers spend more than 200 euro per year on recordable media. With Evidence this cost is reduced to near zero. Simply add the person or persons to your "share" list and they will receive your footage securely and in a speedy fashion.










Save Time.

So you need to record your footage onto a dvd or a memory stick? As video files sizes grow larger due to HD systems becoming the norm, making multiple copies takes time and ties up key staff members taking them away from their intended duties. The average number of copies required in an insurance or police related incident is 4, average time to create each copy is 10-15minutes time lost 40-60 minutes. With Evidence burn once, share securely with unlimited associates in seconds.









Increased Productivity.


All too often you find yourself presented with what seems an inoquous occurance only for this event to later become pertinent. Your time is valuable and traditionally you would not have had the time, or maybe not have had a dvd/memory stick available to save footage. With our streamlined service Evidence enables you to burn footage "at will", quickly. All events you load onto Evidence are searchable many years into the future. Our search facility saves you time looking through years of discs and memory sticks in order to find that important file. Search by file name, incident file or date, get a result in seconds. Finally your CCTV files are arranged in an organised fashion easy to get to and easy to share. 
Do you have a new manager starting in your company? If they log into your Evidence account, over a very short period of time they will be brought up to speed with the usual suspects and the areas of risk within your premises. This is a unique selling point to Evidence.







For Your Eye's Only.

All your CCTV incidents and files are stored behind your secure login. Only you have access to these files and only you can decide who sees them. If you are using a Usee manufactured recorder, Evidence will also allow you to watch a low-resolution stream of your video footage. Very useful if you wish to show someone the footage on your iPhone, Android, or Tablet PC.









Share Intelligence and knowledge.

As you learnt on previous pages Evidence can share with potentially unlimited associates. Soon we will be launching Evidence Forum. From within your account you can chose to add some of your CCTV incidents to our intelligence forum. This is akin to a business Neighbourhood Watch and allows businesses in your area to share notes, files and CCTV footage. You can help each other or others in your line of business to come together to combat crime or anti-social behaviour.








So Just to Recap...

  • All your CCTV evidence gathered in one place
  • Incident files containing detailed information about the enclosed CCTV footage. Good for Isnurers and Gardai.
  • The ability to add word, excel or pdf files to an incident file, not seperated from the physical dvd or memory stick.
  • Your CCTV footage able to play directly on iPad, iPhone, android device etc*. Show colleagues footage on your phone. *depends on files uploaded
  • The ability to share instantly if someone requires footage, instead of having to burn a brand new copy.
  • A new manager starts in your company? Using Evidence, bring them "up to speed" with the normal issues facing your business, be it trouble makers or areas of risk. This is a USP of Evidence.
  • Access your files and share those files, anywhere in the world.
  • Receive CCTV footage anywhere in the world. Once a duty manager/subordinate uploads to your account you will automatically receive notification.
  • Peace of mind that your CCTV footage is at hand whenever the need arises.
  • Are you a data controller? Evidence provides a much more secure, recorded means of who has access to your confidential files.